NOW ONLINE: China vlog day 1

Hey everyone,

I am very happy to tell you guys there is a new video online on my youtubechannel. The video is a vlog about my trip to China (The first day only). If you like it give it a big thumbs up and subscribe please <3 Enjoy watching it! This is the link to the video:

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China Vlogs are comming!

Hey everyone,

As you may know I went to China. I made a video about the trip and in that video I promised to make a vlog of every day. I am working on it, but it is a lot of work so it will take a while. I just wanted to let you guys know awesome stuff is comming and I am trying my best to hurry up. <3

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foto roos china

As you may know, I’m doing an extra subject in school: Chinese. I really enjoy it and I am now following these lessons for three years. I am in het class that will be the first on my school to do a gratuation Chinese.

Every language we have in school also has a trip you can go on; When you do French you can go to Paris, With German you go to Munchen and if you are doing Latin or Greek you go to Rome. And that’s why we thought why is there no China trip? It was more ment funny than serious, because China is so far away and really expensive. It was a dream comming true hearing that we were going to have the oppurtunity to go there for real next schoolyear!

We aren’t going to do sightseeing. We won’t go to Beijing or Shanghai, but we will do an exchange with Chinese people from Xiamen! It is a beautiful place and the weather is also very nice!

I’m really thankfull for this opportunity and i’m looking forward to it. During my stay I’ll make video’s about the trip (vlogs) and post those on my youtubechannel and this blog! Thanks for reading <3

-X- Miss La Rosa


Heey everyone!

Already the second video on my youtube channel. I’ve had soooo much fun filming this! Thanks to all the brands. Besides that sorry for the fact that it is a very long video this time. There were just so many products in that amazing bag! Thanks for watching!

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Heeeey everyone!

This is my first video!! *YAY* It is about this supercute polaroid camera: Instax mini 8. I love it!!! Enjoy watching <3

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Heeey everyone!

I started my own YouTubechannel!!! (12th of March)

It is called ‘Rozemarijn Lamb’ and I already have a video: A channeltrailer. I really love making video’s and I hope you guys enjoy watching them.  Next week I’ll post a video about a INSTAX MINI 8 (polaroid camera)!

My Channel:

My trailer:

My polaroid camera video:


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Monique Collignon


Half a year ago I worked backstage at Monique Collignon. I was really excited to be working with such a famous fashion designer as she is! (But of course also a bit scared, I didn’t want to do something wrong). When I saw the workplace I was really surprided, It was even better than I thought it would be. On the wall hung drawings of clothes and also pictures of models with the clothes they were going to wear. People were working at beautiful dresses. And there also were manequins with haute couture on it. Everything was so beautiful! I could stare at those dresses for ages! So many details and well finished.

I did little things like looking for the right shoes for the models. Also I could help with the sweep of the dresses and with putting the haute couture in the right order for the big show that was comming up. This show would be her come-back. (And it really was I could tell you!).

Collage 2015-11-28 11_31_42-1

During this show I also helped back-stage and it was awesome! There were a lot of make-up stends where the models were supposed to sit still for a very long time so that they would look ever more beautiful than before. Than the models had to practise the show. I was sitting where the audience normaly sits and I had a look at how they dit the rehearsal. (They did geat!). There also was a man who told the models how to act and what to do, like; turn around here and stand still here, do this pose, walk faster/slower, etc. After we had all eten, the real show began. Alle the models were already standing in a que in the right order for the show. Everyone was so tense and the atmosphere went from exited to nervous, when the people of the audiance took their places. But when we heard the music start (tiesto!!) everyone was too buzy to be nervous at all. Everyone was doing something. Some peolple helped the models to change clothes very quickly, others gave a finishing touch to the hair or the make up. I was only trying to not get in the way, for I was really afraid to ruin the whole show by doing something really stupid. There also was a creen casting what was happening front-stage, so we could have a look. At the end Monique came with the models to the front of the stage and everyone clapped loudly for them. The enthousiasm, the beautiful creations and the music that made it even better! It was all so powerful and amazing!

After the show there were people intervieuwing Monique and a afterparty. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I am really happy that I could be a little part of it! I’ll never forget it! So, a big shoudout to brilliant fashion designer MONIQUE COLLIGNON! Thanks a lot for the great times!

-X- Miss La Rosa

Michael Kors shoes and bag


I’ve never been one of those shoe-aholics, until I saw these! Don’t you think there cute, crazy and beautifull at the same time? I absolutely love these shoes! They’re so comfortable and also look beautiful. They are form Michael Kors and so is the amazing bag that is also on the picture. Michael Kors is perfect for people that want fashionable but not cliché, beautiful but not mainstream. And so do I, that’s why I fell in love with these.

What I like most about the shoes it the flap on top of the laces. It makes the shoes different from others and I think it really gives it a little something extra. The bag is gold and I like that beacause I think gold is a powerful but also a classic colour. Also the disign is stunning!

-X- Miss La Rosa

Ps: Here is a picture of me wearing them (with my friends in Paris, Museé Podin, Le Penseur).






Samsung Gear VR


A glimpse at the future of virtual reality starts with the Gear VR glasses that Samsung created in collaboration with Oculus! Virtual Reality has never been like this. You can see pictures all around you, just like you are in this picture! But not only that, you can also watch trailers or other kind of videos. You are standing on ‘the same place’ and the video will start playing around you. It feels like you can almost touch things around you, that are not even really there.


Nice examples of these are the one from Jurassic World. The movie about the dinosaur island. When you put on the Samsung Gear VR while watching this video you’ll be amazed of how realistic people can make a video look. The is a dinosaur that is sleeping on the ground. You’re standing next to it. At some point in time he wakes up and slowly starts walking to you! You can hear the sound of this big feed. (I’m not joking when I say I was kind of scared while watching this). He streches his long neck out of you. His face is now so close that you can hear him breath very loudly and heavily. His big eyes glistening in the light of the moon. You look around you, but there is no one else in the dark woods. He moves his tail and he is almost slapping you. You move your hand to put off the glasses and you’re sitting in your room. And then you think: This is overwhelming shizzle!
Here is another dinosaur 360 video:

Same with a rollercoaster, nature vids, trailers and a lot more 360 videos like this one. If you want to try it but not buy a Gear VR yet, you can also try the Google Cardboard.


There are also lots of 360 videos in YouTube. If you guys want a little impression of what it looks like, just look at the video below. It’s about Ponkers (A dutch youtubechannel) who are testing the new rollercoaster in the Efeling (Dutch themepark). TIP: You can look around you by dragging with your mous or to move your phone when you’re watching on your phone.

-X- Miss La Rosa

Nature dresses


Look what I found! 20 Unrepeatable Dresses Based on Sketches of Nature , This is inspired by Liliya Hudyakova, creating stunning collages for the project Fashion & Nature. You may think that these trendy masterpieces really are based on sketches of nature. I think they are so beautiful, I needed to share them with you guys! Nature can be wonderful just like these dresses…

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