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Veel kunnen doen in minder tijd en met minder stress. Zou dat nou niet handig zijn? Deze ‘lifehackingtips’ helpen je erbij!

Life hack #4


mlr4,5With this life hack you can easily remember which cord is from which person or for which device. You just cut the Perler beads and place it on the right cord. Instead of Perler beads you can also use bread taps or tape for solving this problem.

-X- Miss La Rosa

Life hack #3


mlr3With this life hack you’ll never forget which key you have to use anymore. You just paint each one in another color. You can use paint, but you can also use nail polish. I think that’s even better. Mainly because that is ¬†water-resistant. You can also use small pieces of tape for this, in different colors of course.

-X- Miss La Rosa

Life hack #2

Imlr2‘m quite sure most people know the problem; finding the end of a tape roll. It was an issue, that’s true. But not anymore! ‘Cause this will help you finding it. You just have to stick a paper clip on the end. That’s all. You can also use a bread tap to hold your spot on the roll of tape or fold the end of the roll so that it no longer sticks.

-X- Miss La Rosa

Life hack #1

mlr1Yes! It’s almost summer! Well,… kind of…. not really….nevermind. But the winter is over. Spring is coming and the days are getting longer! So, why don’t get in a summer-mood already? Here is a very handy trick for a day at the beach. I hope It’ll help you guys!

-X- Miss La Rosa